Service Design in Government

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Apr 26, 2023
Designing toward & with Community Economies (April 26, 2023) “The community economy has the capacity to politicize the economic in new ways… economy as a site of decision, of ethical praxis, instead of as the ultimate reality/container/constraint; and all economic practices as inherently social and always connected in their concrete particularities to the ‘commerce of being together’” (Gibson-Graham, 2006, p. 194–195; Nancy, 2000, p. 74) During the workshop, we'll work through a series of steps to ask questions and sketch ideas based on a specific US federal program, full of complex and challenging systems of services and transactions. Specifically, the workshop will draw the attention of service designers toward diverse models of transaction, labor, and enterprise. Participants will collaborate to brainstorm and sketch new government services that can direct resources or even fully collaborate with the abundant diversity of practices already operating in community economies.
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