Value Creation

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In the twenty-first century, the production of brands and experiences have become design’s primary forms of value creation. We experience brands when we follow them on social media, walk into a store, handle packaging, shop online, chat with customer service, respond to a survey, call for technical support, and, to some limited degree, “use” products. We experience brands through services as much as we do through products; in fact, the categories product and service are typically not entirely clear (e.g., Facebook is a product with multiple products and services inside of it). Designing and design thinking are change-making activities and therefore forms of “innovation.” Designers have recently moved more broadly into domains such as the nonprofit sector, finance and financial technologies (fintech), health care, and insurance, bringing a robust set of methods for framing, researching, and “solving” complex “problems.” Facebook’s famous motto “move fast and break things” has become a mantra for those in a hurry to remake the world through new products and services aimed at “improved” experiences. Designers are an integral part of teams doing that work.
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